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Below are the talented actors and actresses committed to The Monster Master at this juncture. Along with their names and photos, you'll see why each was picked to play their part, what each talent brings to the movie as a whole, and how many of these actors and actresses have made their mark in other films.
"W" Is for Witch
Katherine Randolph
Katherine Randolph – “The Witch”
With her sultry looks Kat was born to play the Witch, a malevolent seductress capable of the most foul crimes against man and nature. Kat has been acting in motion pictures since 1996 when she appeared in Carl Reiner’s Ghosts of Mississippi. Since then she has appeared in numerous motion pictures and television shows. Recently, she just finished principle photography on the thriller/horror feature Knifepoint.

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Johnny Paddio – “Theodore”
In the role of Theodore, the hapless fugitive, he brings an understanding and pathos to this difficult role. Singer, song writer, model, and actor – Johnny can do it all. He has landed roles on national television commercials for McDonald’s and Budweiser.

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Johnny Paddio
The Test Subject
Shy Pilgreen
Shy Pilgreen – “Dr. Johnette Ashley”
Strength, intelligence, beauty — all the attributes one would expect from a female lead in a monster movie. Shy brings all these and more to her role of Dr. Johnette Ashley. No stranger to horror/sci-fi, Miss Pilgreen can be seen in such releases as Bride of the Vampire and Defcon 2012. She recently wrapped shooting the science fiction pilot Eco-3.

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Doug Stone
Doug Stone – “Dr. Carl Shroder”
Just as Dr. Ashley embodies all the positive attributes of the hero of a monster movie, Dr. Carl Shroder is the opposite. Arrogant and reckless; Doug Stone brings this movie villain to life. Doug is the consummate professional. His voice characterizations can be heard in over 200 animated features, cartoons, and television shows. Starting in 1973 he began in the world of voice over. In 1988, Doug provide voice talent to the Japanese animated cult classic Akira. His voice characterizations can be heard in such animated features as Fly Me to the Moon, The Last Remnant, and the Disney hit Lilo and Stitch.

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Lucy Lawless – “Crania, Queen of the Insects”
This seven-foot blood sucking mosquito is the future ruler of this planet, and who else could voice this aristocratic monstrosity than the former Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless. Mrs. Lawless has worked in the fantasy and science fiction universe since her American debut in the television movies and subsequent series Hercules and Xena. She can be seen in the upcoming television series Spartacus.

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Mike Gaglio
Mike Gaglio – “Tom”
For over thirty years, Mr. Gaglio has performed in the entertainment business. From radio announcing to appearing on over 30 stage productions, to a series of motion picture parts, Mike's experience and professionalism breathe life into Tom, the confused and mistrustful prisoner of hell. Mike recently completed principle photography on the feature film, American Bandits, where he co-starred along side veteran screen actor Peter Fonda and horror icon Jeffrey Combs.

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The Swamp Zombies
Tiffany Shepis
Tiffany Shepis – "Honey"
What monster movie would be complete without a genuine scream queen? In the part of Honey, the greedy and lustful murderess, Tiffany Shepis more than fills that role. Tiffany has starred in over eighty of horror/slasher/thrillers over the past decade. No stranger to the horror universe, Tiffany has quite a following in the horror movie genre and is a star among the realm of sexy scream queens. Miss Shepis has just finished shooting principle photography on the horror film New Terminal Hotel, and can be scene in such recent releases as Abominable and Night of the Demons.

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The Metal Cyclops
Joe Virzi
Joe Virzi – “Mr. Robert Poltroon”
Joe has been a veteran actor for over twenty years. Starting on stage and independent movies. Joe made his studio feature film debut in 1997's From Dusk till Dawn II from Miramax Studios. From there Joe has gone on to appear in such movies as Spider-man, Spider-man II and Spider-man III. Along with countless other films and television shows. Joe has gained a solid reputation as an all-around actor. In September 2009 Joe will be heading back to the stage to perform at the Ringling Estate in Sarasota, Florida.

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