WopBopper Productions Forms LP Wednesday, July 22, 2009.
WopBopper Productions LP is formed in Delaware with the purpose of raising money for the completion of the film The Monster Master. This is a very exciting development for the forward motion of our first feature-length motion picture. "With 45% of the principal photography “in the can” and the rest of the film in animatic form we can show serious, accredited investors Jody and Jon’s complete vision for the film,” says executive producer and long-time business partner Martin Uniacke. “The film is an homage to Saturday afternoon monster movies we have always loved. Smart aleck demons in rubber suits, giant insects with a keen sense of revenge and world domination on their minds, gold digging, flawed femme fatales who get their just desserts. That’s what we aren’t seeing on the big screen today,” stated Jon Fedele, whose talents will be behind and on the screen for the film seen. For investment details please contact Martin Uniacke.
Ellis Design Group Signs with Monster Master. July 24, 2009.
Ellis Design Group logo
Ellis Design Group has signed on to develop the web communication strategy for the film project The Monster Master. The site is essentially designed to begin consumer recognition and provide a point of contact for interested accredited investors. "We are thrilled to be working with the creative genius of Jody, Jon and Martin. This unique anthology of film vignettes is sure to excite monster movie fanatics young and old." — Donna Ellis, Creative Director
Zombies Still Number One!
Zombies still number one! Movie pokes fun at genre, earns $25 million.
(Posted October 4, 2009)
Faith in Fantasy
Faith in fantasy lends confidence to bankers. (Posted October 1, 2009)
Mobile Comics Growing Geometrically
As 'The Monster Master' movie moves into the mainstream arena, our plans include incorporating The Monster Master stories into Mobile Comics, a venue that has shown recent growth in popularity.
Mobile Comics Growing Geometrically… Doubled in 60 Days…
(Posted August 28, 2009)
Low Budget Alien Monsters and High Budget Robots Score Big at Box Office
District 9, a low-budget picture with no stars and a first-time director, practically lapped the weekend box office field...
(Posted August 15, 2009)
Box Office: 'Transformers 2' earns $201 million its first five...
(Posted June 28, 2009)