Jody Fedele brings twenty years of film editing experience to the project. His unique eye for visualizing the transition from written word to storyboard to celluloid landed him high remarks from his project-by-project employer for the last 13 years, Sam Raimi (Director - Spiderman series, Drag Me to Hell).

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Jon Fedele is the consummate creator of "rubber suit monsters." Known in the circles of Independent Effect Houses for his unique monster looks and abiliiy to work quickly from concept to individual creation, you have seen Jon's work in the vampire's From Dusk Till Dawn to Lake Placid's forty-foot alligator to the The Chronicles of Narnia's menagerie of mythological creatures. Jon's "hands-on" creative talents give The Monster Master its classic feel and look.

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Martin has over twenty years in the Specialty Toy Market. Spending the nineties with the the entertainment licensed toy giant, Applause (Woodland Hills, CA) Martin sold toys related to every Disney release between The Little Mermaid and Mulan, the theatrical re-release of Star Wars through The Phantom Menace and countless other properties from Star Trek to Star Gate to Space Jam and everything in between! 1999 to 2006 were spent riding the wave of the Beanie Babies™ as a top performing rep for Ty.  
In 2006 Martin set out as President and partner with start-up game company, McNeill Designs, where Jody and Martin created their first product together; the multi-award winning Twisted Fish. Read More.
Martin's unique combination of entrepreneurship, licensed toy sales and product development poise The Monster Master to capitalize on commercial success.
Twisted Fish game
This is not our first venture...
“Go to the back of the bus” can be about as charged a statement as you can deliver to some people, for very good reasons. For two middle school brothers and a group of fast friends in their adolescence, it served as an invitation to share their stories, recollections, hopes and dreams in bull sessions on the back of Bus 119, dubbed the “Comedy Bus” by the group. Typical topics of boyhood were interspersed with unique weekend projects at the Fedeles — for example, sticking around after sandlot football to make super 8 films modeled after James Bond, Bruce Lee, and the Sci-fi/ fantasy genre. The knuckle-headed James Bond Jr. was named Jimmy Wopbopper, the namesake of our current-day film company.
Jody Fedele
Jody Fedele
After college the twins, Jody and Jon, headed to Hollywood to pursue their dreams. Martin’s path led to the business of toy sales, working through the 1990’s with a licensed toy phenomenon, Applause, based out of Woodland Hills. Applause created toys for every Disney launch from Little Mermaid on, and was also a major licensor of Star Wars, Warner Brothers, Star Trek, Batman, Marvel, Sesame Street and Pixar among others. Recognized for a deep understanding of character correctness and priorities, Martin was sought after as a consultant on product development projects more than any other key account manager.
Jon Fedele
Jon Fedele
Meanwhile, in Hollywood, the Fedeles honed their craft working for Sam Raimi in a host of projects for Jody, from Army of Darkness to each of the Spiderman films. Jon was gaining a reputation as a “monster maker” and was sought after by the effects houses serving the larger studio productions. Jon’s handy work can be seen in From Dusk to Dawn, The Chronicles of Narnia, 1998's Godzilla, Pirahna 3D, the upcoming Tron sequel, Tron Legacy.
Bitten by the bug.
In 2005 Martin was wrapping up 6 years with Ty (beanie babies) as Jody and Jon finished their short film Samuel, designed to be their “calling card” to the industry. The short film received accolades at regional film festivals for its great story and special effects ("Oklahoma Dead Center Film Festival Audience Award" and "Los Angeles Schreikfest Best Special Effects for a Short"), but it wasn’t enough for the brothers —  a feature length film was in order.
At this time, Martin was being sought after for the start-up venture, McNeill Designs, where he took a position as President and invited Jody back east to see the process of organizing a business from the ground up, knowing Jody was seeking investment. McNeill soon met a major obstacle —  big retailers don’t invest in “one trick ponies,” a company with only one product.
Recalling a complex variation of the standard “Go Fish” that all three were taught by Al Fedele, Jody and Jon’s dad, Martin and Jody sat down to develop an independent product based on that game. Martin and Jody were now offered full partnership in the LLC for their contribution of the IP to the game. The result, unveiled at the International Toy Fair, February 2006, was the now multi-award winning “Twisted Fish,” a product that has sold over 50,000 copies and is available at Borders and Barnes and Noble, as well as independent toy and game stores in the United States and six other countries. Just Google: Twisted Fish game.
Martin Uniack with game "Twisted Fish"
Martin Uniacke
With Samuel as a complete, award-winning short story, the brothers set out to complete their strategy to develop a feature length film using an anthology style format. This allowed for a central continuous character, The Monster Master (played by Jon), to introduce (and interact!) with the people and monsters featured in each of the short stories. In this manner, we were able to complete principal photography on two more complete short stories, W is for Witch and The Test Subject, bringing the project to 50% completion. See our sneak peaks here.
The project as an investment has been formalized in an LP agreement and between animatics and principal photography, a start-to-finish movie is ready for viewing.
Wopbopper productions is seeking funding to complete the remaining vignettes and to do the post production. Potential investors will need to contact Martin Uniacke to get full details on the current status of the remainder of the film and this investment opportunity.

Contact Martin Uniacke to learn more about this investment opportunity.

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